Y. M. C. A. Meeting.

At the meeting last night the first few minutes were given to a devotional service. After this President Horne called on chairman of committees to give brief sketches of the work planned for the year. This work has been getting more and more into clearly defined lines until now the different classes have each their own end in view and the relation of their particular ends to the great aim of the Association is kept continually in mind. The outlook, it is safe to say, was never better. Different committees with their special duties are as follows:

The committee on city missions does work on Sundays among the sailors both on board ship and in mission houses in the city. The foreign mission committee seeks to interest men in the general idea of missionary work. It is founded on a belief that most of the indifference toward this work arises through ignorance of it. The committee on Bible study has charge of the classes for systematic study of the Bible. A new branch, the visitation committee has for its aim, the care of members of the University who become sick during the college year. This is a very important work and its chairman, Mr. J. B. Lewis, '92, requests that any one who knows of cases of sick men in college let him know of the fact. His address is 67 College House.