Glee Club Notes.

For some years the Glee Club has been obliged to go on in a more or less irregular way, as far as meetings and rehearsals were concerned, because it had no room over which it had entire control. Within a week the upper story of the old Hasty Pudding building on Holmes Field, consisting of three rooms, has been secured and henceforth all this confusion will be done away with. The rooms will be provided with the necessary furniture and the painting and repairs required will be done immediately. The pictures and other things belonging to the club will be transferred from Roberts' Hall very soon and placed in the new rooms. One of these will be used for a library, one for a dressing room, and one for a rehearsal room. A new Chickering Grand Piano has been secured for use at the rehearsals. It is hoped to make the new quarters neat and comfortable and by the gifts of individual men, to fix them up as regular club rooms.

Tomorrow at 2.15 the club will start for Springfield where they sing in the evening at the Harvard-Yale Assembly. Sometime during the evening they will go to the quarters of the Harvard team and sing for a few minutes to the players. The club is registered at the Haynes Hotel.