Souvenir Program.

A fancy program for a souvenir of the Harvard - Yale game has just been published by two Yale graduates. The little pamphlet is 5 inches by 8, containing in all 32 pages. The program contains a short account of the work done by both teams this season, including all the scores. Photogravures of 30 players, 15 from each college, are given. The photographs of the captains of the teams each occupy a separate page, while those of the other players are arranged two on each page, according to the positions. On each page which contains the photographs of the two opponents is a short account of the foot ball career of the two men. Besides the make-up of the two teams for Saturday a short history is given of all foot ball games between Harvard and Yale. including all former scores. The cover is decorated with a design in the colors of the two colleges. The program will be put on sale in Springfield and on the trains running into Springfield on the day of the game and for two days previous. The price of the program will be fifteen cents.