Harvard-Yale Joint Debate.

The Harvard Union proposes this year to hold two joint debates with Yale. This is the first time in the history of the Union that such a thing has been tried, but the undertaking ought to prove successful. The Yale Union challenged and Harvard accepted. J. M. Perkins '91 and R. C. Surbridge, L. S., representing Harvard, and R. R. Upton '92 and W. B. Bailey '94 representing Yale, met at Cooley's Hotel, Springfield, last Saturday. It was decided to hold two joint debates, the first to take place Thursday, Jan 14, at Sanders Theatre, the second in April at New Haven. Gov. Russell will probably preside at the Cambridge debate, and admission will be by ticket. There will be three speakers, and each will be allowed twelve minutes. The subject for the first debate will be, "Resolved, That a young man casting his first vote in 1892 should vote the Republican ticket." Harvard will have the affirmative, and no decision as to the merits of the debate will be made.