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Placards have been posted for several days announcing the trial of candidates for the freshman glee club which takes place this evening. The club is beginning work later than usual this year, and all freshmen who can sing should attend the trial so that all the available material may be known at once. There is every reason why the freshman glee club should be an unusually good one this year. Mr. Arthur Thayer, who is training the 'varsity club, will also train the freshman candidates; and the officers of the 'varsity club will keep a close oversight over the freshmen to see that their club is well officered and managed. The freshman glee club should be a valuable trainer for the 'varsity, and run as it is the intention to run it this year it will be such. The class should show its appreciation of the effort to make the club a greater success than freshmen glee clubs have usually been by turning out in large numbers at the trial tonight. The club will give several important concerts during the year besides the regular spring concert for the benefit of the class crew.