More About the Springfield Game.

This year the seats for the Harvard-Yale game will extend entirely around the field. The east stand, seating five thousand, will be reserved as in previous years for Harvard, while the opposite side with the same capacity, will be occupied by Yale. The stands at the south and north ends will also have a seating capacity of five thousand and will be filled by the general public. The Yale and Harvard seats will each be divided into ten sections, and 500 tickets with the section indicated will be sold for each division. The price for reserved seats on the sides of the field will be $1.50, including admission to the grounds, while the north and south ends will be $1 each. The ropes around the field, which have hitherto proved inefficient, will be replaced this year by a substantial board fence four feet high. It will be built fifty feet from the boundary line and will entirely encircle the field. As there are a great many people who stand through the game, it will probably be decided not to sell the two lower rows on the grand stand. The Yale stand, which is exposed to the winds from the river, will be boarded in, and not left an open skeleton. The main entrance to the park will be provided with 12 turnstiles. The gates will be open at noon this year and the game will probably be called at 2.30.