'VARSITY NOTICE. - The following men will be dressed ready to play at 3.00 sharp: Mason, Waters, Grant, Highlands, Vail, Bangs, Mackie, Berry, Emmons, Newell Collamore, Hallowell, Gage, Cobb, Corbett, Lake, Fearing, Gray, Bond, G. B. Pierce, Curtis, Saltonstall, Rantoul, W. H. Shea, Burgess, White, McNear, Blagden, Robb, Heard.

If it is impossible for any of the above men to be ready at 3.00 they must see me at 5 Matthews before noon.

B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.'93 ELEVEN. - Dibblee, Chew, Winsor, Ellsworth, Cary, Falk, Slade, Broughton, Rogers, Winslow, Stevens, Jackson, Thatcher, Duffield, Hale, be dressed in Gymnasium to play '94 at 3.15 sharp.

J. H. PARKER.ALL members of the University interested in the formation of a Harvard Republican Club are requested to meet in Holden Chapel Friday evening, Nov. 6, at 7.30.

G. C. MEAD, Grad.FRESHMAN NOTICE. - All candidates must be on Norton's at 3.45 p. m. sharp.

R. L. WHITMAN.Temp. Captain.HARVARD GLEE CLUB. - Rehearsal at 6.45 sharp.