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We congratulate the sophomore eleven most heartily for its splendid victory yesterday afternoon. At the beginning of the season the sophomore eleven was rated as the weakest of the class teams. But the candidates for the team went to work with a will and succeeded in winning their first game. It was generally thought, however, that it was useless for them to hope to defeat either the juniors or the seniors. But in spite of this the men kept faithfully to their work; best of all they have worked not only with the body but with the head, and the result was seen in yesterday's game. The sophomores gave the most beautiful exhibition of team play ever seen from a class eleven. It was that alone which won them the class championship. A victory was never earned more honestly or more creditably. Captain Beals and his men simply rose above conditions, triumphed over them, and it is a great pleasure to congratulate them individually and as a team.