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The statements of Mr. Moses Williams in regard to the condition of the library reading room fund call for the most earnest consideration on the part of the undergraduate body of the University. The pressing need of a suitable reading room furnished with electric light is too generally felt to admit of more than one opinion regarding the scheme developed two years ago to supply the want. This plan, thanks to the individual energy of two or three men, was put into practical operation with such success as Mr. Williams' report shows. This twenty-two thousand dollars, the total of cash and funds pledged is a high tribute to the energy of the men who gave their time to the work, but the fact remains that it is only about two-thirds the amount requisite before the proposed addition to the library can be practically considered. It is, therefore, highly important that the committee having the matter in charge should take immediate steps to begin again the work of canvassing for subscriptions. The freshman class has not been applied to and should respond most liberally inasmuch as it will doubtless enjoy the results which senior classes have striven to bring about.

Money already pledged should, it is needless to observe, be paid in at once, not only because such debts are debts of honor, but because it aids greatly those who are bearing the burden of the work.