Fact and Rumor.

There will be no lecture in History 12 on Saturday.

The Index will be out the first of next week.

Stern '94 has stopped training with the 'varsity crew.

There will be an hour examination in Greek 10, Saturday at 12.

Men in English C can get their first forensic in Sever 10.

History 2 has begun the study of the Constitution of the United States.

The A. A. U. is thinking seriously of dropping boxing from its lists of events.

Mr. Dodge will conduct Geol. 4 after the Christmas recess until the mid-years.

All reports of experiments in Physics 3 must be handed in before the Christmas recess.

President Eliot delivered his fourth lecture in the Lowell Institute Course last evening.

At the last meeting of the Shooting Club match A was won by Sargent, with Gould second.

In Chemistry A yesterday Professor Cooke showed a number of fine stereopticon views of Alpine scenery.

Oberlin is the first college in Ohio to start the University Extension System. She has sent out circulars of information to many cities and towns of that State.

The report of the foot ball manager at Exeter shows a surplus of $297. The expenses this year were $1,309.

The Boston, Technology, Trimount, and First Regiment Athletic Associations have formed a rink polo league.

The father of Brokaw, of Princeton, has given $25,000 to complete the work on the Brokaw Memorial Field.

Hon. H. C. Hartwell of Fitchburg, who died at his home Wednesday night, graduated from Harvard with honors in the class of 1869.

The tennis match between R. D. Sears and P. Latham on Tuesday resulted in a tie. Latham and Pettitt will play their raquet match on Saturday at 1.30.

Further games in the pool tournament have resulted as follows: D. W. Lane '94 beat C. F. Roberts '95, 50-36; W. A. Pease '93 beat S. M. Brice '93, 50-37.

The following is Walter Camp's idea of the strongest foot ball team in the world: ends; Hinckey, Yale, and Hallowell, Harvard; tackles, Winter, Yale, and Newell, Harvard; guards, Heffeltinger, Yale, and Riggs, Princeton: centre, Balliet, Lehigh; quarter-back, King, Princeton: half-backs, L. Bliss, Yale, and Lake, Harvard; fullback, Homans, Princeton.

The 'Varsity, of the University of Toronto, a journal devoted to "Literature, University Thoughts and Events," makes the following literary criticism of the daily papers of Harvard and Cornell: "These are purely newspapers; they make no pretense of giving anything of a literary character, but content themselves with reporting the college news. The editorials are fresh and crisp, and the whole papers give a splendid evidence of the enterprise and get-up-and-get of the students of these big schools."