Vesper Service.

Rev. Brooke Herford conducted the Vesper Service yesterday afternoon. He said that of the many commands and exhortations in the Bible to trust God, not one implies that men are to let God do their work for them. The man who is in every way careless and who excuses himself from all responsibility on the ground that there is no use in doing anything if God is to take care of all, has utterly misinterpreted the meaning of these commands. But at the other extreme is the man who has worked hard and well and who cannot rest in the belief that his best labor is all that God asks. He needs to consider the exhortations to trust, to cease all anxiety and rest in the faith that God is over all that seems so doubtful and unsure. The work that one man can do is small and seems almost useless, but this is no reason for worrying about it. As the farmer puts seed into the ground and then trusts implicitly that fruit will come of it, and as he knows that no anxiety on his part can help its growth, so ought every man to be calm in the faith that, when he has done his part fully. God will care for the rest.

The choir sang the following anthems: "The Pillars of the Earth," Tours; "The Lord is my Shepherd," Wareing; "Sanctus," Gounod.

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