A New Annex Publication.

The third of the series of monographs published under the authority of the Society for the Collegiate Instruction of Women is a treatise entitled "Fugitive Slaves," written by Marion Gleason McDougall. This is the first of the Fay House Monographs devoted to a historical subject, the two former having dealt with scientific subjects. In the present monograph the author has undertaken to bring together a compact account of the whole subject of the escape of slaves, and of the legislation to prevent escapes. Beginning with colonial times the writer recounts many famous cases of attempted escape, including the little-known failure of Washington to obtain a runaway slave woman from Portsmouth, N. H., and Josiah Quincy's early defense of a fugitive. The book contains many of the important statutes and a full bibliography of the subject. It will be useful to all students of United States constitutional and social history.

[Fay House Monographs, No. 3. Fugitive Slaves (1619-1865.) By Marion Gleason McDougall. Prepared under the direction of Assistant Professor Albert Bushnell Hart. Ginn & Co., Boston 8vs., pp. 151.]