Fact and Rumor.

Professor Macvane has taken History I.

The Yale freshman crew candidates have been reduced to two-eights.

Dr. Sargent has tried a number of men on the lifting machine at the gymnasium.

J. S. Black '91, captain of the Princeton Mott-Haven team, has left college, and will not return.

Longfellow, Hawthorne, Chief Justice Fuller and Speaker Reed are graduates of Bowdoin.

The M. A. C. is now the largest club in New York, having 2,500 members. The N. Y. A. C. is second with 2,300.

The candidates for the Cornell Freshman crew have been reduced to fourteen men, whose average weight is 162 pounds.

The probabilites of the Boston Athletic Association having an eight-oar crew during the coming season are very slight.

The Harvard and Yale rowing management are soon to have a meeting to discuss the advisability of holding the races elsewhere than at New London.

On Saturdays both sections of English A will meet together in Sever 11, when lectures on English literature will be given.

The University of Pennsylvania will send out a scientific exploring and dredging expedition to the Bahamas and the Caribbean Sea.

On the Easter trip of the Yale nine, games will be played at Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, New York, Brooklyn and at the University of Virginia.

The position of Art Director at the World's Fair has been offered to Henry G. Marquand, Esq., the president of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York.

W. C. Johnson, the champion amateur 100 yard swimmer of America, broke the world's record for 100 feet in the M. A. C. swimming tank, Wednesday night, covering the distance in 20 seconds.

The first lecture in the new course in Damages to be given at the Law School will be delivered this afternoon by Mr. Beals. This course can be taken by any Law School student, but it will not count towards a degree.

Captain Thompson of the freshman crew has written to the secretary of the Yale Navy, acknowledging the receipt of the challenge from the Yale freshman crew. No action has yet been taken on the challeage.

At a meeting of the American College Base Ball Association the following organization was effected for the ensuing year: President, J. B. Woodruff of Amherst; first Vice-President, C. G. DuBois of Dartmouth; second Vice-President, J. B. Rollins of Dartmouth; Secretary and Treasurer, C. G. Russell of Williams. Amherst was awarded the championship for 1890.