Appleton Chapel.

"Love is Duty, and God is Hope; all religion is summed up in these two words" said Dr. Abbott yesterday evening in Appleton Chapel. From Moses to Micah, he continued, we find the prophets preaching the simple religion of Love and Hope, which the priests endeavor to cover with elaborate rituals. These rituals and ceremonies existed at the time of Christ. If any of them is essential to religion, Christ would have said so. Instead, we find him preaching Law and Gospel which is Love and Hope. His apostles, Paul the theologian, and James the ecclesiastic, also reiterate the old prophets.

Questions of theology are not questions of religion but questions of philosophy; questions of organization are not questions of religion but questions of expediency. One cannot fail to discover ture religion in the writings of Wesley and Channing, though Wesley is a Methodist and Channing a Unitarian. I suppose I am a Congregationalist because I was born one, though I recognize many advantages in the Congregationalist form of organization. I admit that it is important to settle what denomination to join, but so long as a man is left free to follow the teachings of Christ, it make comparatively little difference whether he is a member of this church or that.

During the evening the choir sang the following anthems: Lord of all power and might,-Mason; O Lord, our Governor,-Marcello; Blessed is the man,-Knox.