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Our success Saturday evening naturally leads us to look forward to the Intercollegiate games. Our chances for victory there certainly seem bright. It is yet far too early to make a detailed comparison of our prospects with those of the other colleges; but we are encouraged to believe that Harvard will again carry off the honors. This year Captain Moen will have, in addition to most of the advantages of last year, the further benefit of the help of the grauate advisory committee. This committee is chosen, not by the athletic committee,- as the college seems to believe,- but by the Athletic Association itself. The Athletic Association, in its own free choice of the members of this committee, has been able to get men which, it knows, are experienced and sound of judgment. These men, then, all of them noted athletes in their day, will work for the best interests of the association. They know full well that Harvard must meet Yale in track athletics as in other sports. The athletic committee is influenced very greatly by the recommendation of these advisors; and there is, therefore, no danger, as the college has seemed to believe, that the athletic committee will pass reguations preventing Harvard track athletes from meeting their worthiest rivals in the spring.

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