Fact and Rumor.

Captain Dean will take about a dozen candidates for the 'varsity nine to Boston this afternoon to practice batting and fielding in the Winslow rink.

The highest tests of strength Tuesday afternoon were: Allen '92, pectorals 90, abductors of the legs 90, extensors of the neck 80; Green '92, abductors of the legs 80, calves 450; Finlay '91, extensors of the neck 110; Lake '92, calves 455; Bonney M. S., calves 410. Yesterday afternoon the tests were: Mason, L. S., calves, 490; abductors of legs, 96; Findlay, '91, calves, 520; Fisher, J. C., L. S., abductors of legs, 104; Chase, Sp., abductors of legs, 92.

Hereafter there will be but one Mott Haven squad daily-exercising at 4.15 p. m.

Professor Morgan will lecture next time upon "Iphigeneia in Art," in the cellar of the library.