Fact and Rumor.

Sherwin '94 has begun training with the Mott Haven team.

Mr. Chamberlain is ill and will not return to work till Wednesday.

Finlay put the shot in the gymnasium yesterday 39 ft. 2 in.

Elsworth '93 was at work with the 'varsity crew again yesterday.

The statement in yesterday's CRIMSON that tumbling would be omitted from the second winter meeting is erroneous. It is understood that tumbling will be included at both meetings.

It is probable that several Harvard men will run at the Manhattan Athletic Club games on March 14.

The prospects for a good crew at Columbia this year are very disheartening. Only three of the old men will row.

The 'varsity crew rowed on Saturday as follows: Powers stroke, Perkins 7, Kelton 6, Jones 5, Vail 4, Shaw 3, Lyman 2, and Rantoul bow.

It is said that Professor Norton will speak before the Prospect Progressive Union, Cambridgeport, this evening on "Illustrated Newspapers."

An Inter-collegiate Foot Ball League will be formed by Bucknell, Haverford, Dickinson, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania State College, and Franklin and Marshall.

The Harvard University Cycling Association is exerting all its influence in favor of the proposed adoption of a two mile safety bicycle race at the Mott Haven games.