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In another column this morning will be found a notice by the foot ball captain requesting all men who wish to play in the foot ball squad this spring to meet him at the gymnasium tomorrow evening. The importance of this football squad can hardly be overestimated. It is of course unsafe to attribute our success of last year to any one force, when so many factors had their part in it. But few men who watched the foot ball practice last year will dispute that the victory at Spring-field was due at least as much to the early work of the squad as to any other of Captain Cumnock's innovations. Our foot ball management seems determined not to learn carelessness from success; for the squad will go out even earlier this year than last. The prospects are very bright, yet men must remember that our rivals felt their defeat keenly last year, and that nothing will beat them again but hard and early work. Therefore it is to be hoped that as large a number of men as may be will come out tomorrow. Success is too pleasant for us to take any risk of failure.