M. I. T. Athletic Games.

The M. I. T. athletic games will be held Saturday, March 7, at the Winslow Rink, and will begin at 2 p. m. Mr. Lathrop and Mr. F. M. Wood will be the time keepers, and Mr. H. S. Cornish the starter. The events will be tests of actual ability as there will be no handicaps given. Thus far the following Harvard men have entered: Fifty yards dash, G. F. Brown, Jr., S. V. R. Crosby, Page, Thayer, Thompson, Hawes, McNear, J. Hale, Jr., Mullens, Moen, W. C. Nichols, J. Allen, J. J. Cooke, Shead, Fearing, Bloss, Shapleigh, F. Baker, T. Magee, Winslow. Green, Rothschild, Priest, Borden, Niles; running high jump, Fearing, Green; standing high jump, Bean, Bloss, Taylor; putting the shot, Evins, Finlay; pole vault, Wheelwright; fifty yards hurdle, Fearing, McNear, Bloss, Green, White; single stick, R. Stone, Turnure; mile walk, Bardeen, Endicott, Brackett, R. S. Hale; mile run, J. O. Nichols, Carr, Collamore, Lakin, G. L. Batchelder, Lowell, White, Blake, K. Brown, F. E. Stetson.