Outing for March is unusually excellent. The table of contents shows a wide variety of subjects, and almost every article is written by a specialist. Of especial interest to college men are "The Sports of an Irish Fair," "Association Football," "A Bout with the Gloves." in "The Sports of an Irish Fair," Robt. F. Walsh puts in a claim for Ireland as the country where base ball had its origin. "Association Foot Ball" is a plea for this particular branch of football. The author thinks that football as played under the association rules ought to become the national winter pastime of boys and men, and predicts that the lovers of the sport will soon see a team in every large city of the East.

The tendency of the age to revert to first principles is evident in Professor Austin's "A Bout with the Gloves." The author warns the modern boxer against ancient errors of form and cites several illustrations. Those who are inclined to take "a bout with the gloves" should not fail to read this paper, so replete with valuable instructions. The best story of the number is "Gert," a most delightful bit of fiction, whose plot is laid on the wilds of the frontier. The characters delineated are out of the ordinary run and are beyond the daily experiences of those even whose lot is cast in the least developed of our Western settlements.