Crew Notes.

The river still remains filled with ice so that the crew was obliged yesterday to row again in the tank. A sufficient stretch of water was clear, however, for a little rowing in the pair-oar. Powers '92 and Shaw '94 rowed for about an hour in the early part of the afternoon while Captain Perkins steered the boat and coached them. The men who rowed in the tank were: Perkins, Powers, Kelton, Jones, Rantoul, Winthrop, Lynam, Vail, and Watriss.

The senior crew has been rowing in the tank for some time. The men who are now rowing are substantially the same men who were in the boat in their freshman year. Finlay is not rowing on account of his training for putting the shot. Parker and Randol have not yet taken their seats in the boat, because they have been doing the coaching, but they will begin rowing as soon as the crew gets out on the river. The crew yesterday rowed as follows: Bishop, stroke; Smith, 7; Fitzhugh, 6; Blanchard, 5; Cumnock, 4; Stickney, 3; Shaw, 2; Tallant, bow. In all probability Randol and Parker will row 7 and 3 respectively.