M. I. T. Games.

The M. I. T. games which will be held tomorrow afternoon at the Winslow Rink will undoubtedly be especially interesting to Harvard men as none but Harvard and B. A. A. men have been allowed to enter. In addition to the list of Harvard men published in yesterday's CRIMSON, the following have entered from the B. A. A.: Fifty yards dash James, Shea, J. H. Clausen; fifty yards hurdle, J. Crane, Jr., J. E. Morse, P. J. Finneran; pole vault, J. Crane, Jr., P. J. Finneran, H. R. Dalton, Jr., W. G. Irwin; running high jump, J. E. Morse; standing high jump, W. G. Irwin; putting 16 Ib. shot, E. P. Whitman, D. Long. These with the Harvard and M. I. T. men make up the whole number entered for the games, every event of which is scratch.

In the fifty yards dash twenty-six men are entered and so evenly matched are most of them that it would be as hard to pick a winner as to get an A in Fine Arts. It is very probable however that first place will be won by Bloss, Thayer, Moen, Thompson, Hall, or Green. In the fifty yards hurdle, Fearing and Finneran (B. A. A.) are field favorites. J. Crane is looked upon as winner in the pole vault. although Wheelwright will push him very hard. In the running high jump Fearing is a probable winner and will make an effort to beat his record of two weeks ago; Morse and Green will make a close fight for second. First prize in the standing high jump will be won by Irwin or Bean, in all probability, and the athletic oracle seems to favor Finlay or Long in the shot contest. In the one mile walk odds are being given on Hale, although Bardeen, Endicott and Brackett seem to be favorites with many. Those who are in a position to know seem to look on Collamore, A. White, J. O. Nichols or Lakin as a winner in the mile run.

So much for prognostication. Mr. Lathrop wishes that all the Harvard men who have entered for the games shall provide themselves with red bands before eleven o'clock tomorrow morning. As yet no programme of the events has been received, but as soon as Mr. Lathrop has the programme he will post it on the gymnasium bulletin board.