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The track athletic men are preparing to win new glories at the M. I. T. games tomorrow. Throughout the winter they have been given several chances to show their worth; and on each occasion have made exceedingly creditable records. These have been the result of the excellent training which the men have done all the season. Their work has been remarkably thorough, and with such a foundation, the men will find in the latter part of the season that they have a decided advantage. We have, then, this excellent ground-work to begin on. We have only to show as earnest work for the next few weeks, and we shall gain the strength to carry us through the season successfully.

Our present activity is not confined to the candidates for the Mott Haven team. The football men have already begun their season. The weather seems likely to prevent out-door work perhaps for some time yet, but the preliminary work in the gymnasium is getting the men trim for the harder work which will come when the weather grows more open. As soon as possible the captain will work with his men out-of-doors; and will be able to divide them into squads for real football work.

The work of the 'varsity and class crews, of the base ball nines and the cricket team has also been begun with unusual energy. In all our sports an earnest spirit which augurs well for the other, as well as athletic departments, of the college, seems to prevail.