Baseball at Princeton.

The number of candidates for the Princeton nine has been reduced to sixteen, from whom the team and substitutes will be chosen. Of these sixteen, four are trying for pitcher; Young, '92, Bergen, '91, Woodcock, '92, and Drake, '94; and three for catcher, Brokaw, '92, Woods, '92, and Humphrey, '94. Some of the men will later be put in the outfield. With Capt. Dana on first, Durell at second, Knickerbocker at short, and King at third, the infield will be the same as last year, with the exception of third base. King, '93, promises to fill that position very satisfactorily, taking the place of Watts, who leaves college. Last year's team is represented in the outfield by Payne, '91, and Brown, '92. The other candidates are, Wright, '94, A. Young, '92, and Spooner, '92. King, '89, will coach the team, and Keefe, of the New Yorks, has charge of the pitchers.

Last week the men were measured for suits. The outfit decided upon is a suit of a light shade of gray, black stockings, orange and black belt, jersey and a black cap, with the baseball monogram worked in orange. The following games have been arranged by the management:

March 28-Philadelphia at Philadelphia.

April 3-Williams at Princeton.

April 4-New York at New York.

April 7-St. John's, Fordham, at High Bridge.

April 8-New York at New York.

April 11-Lehigh at Bethlehem.

April 15-Columbia at Princeton.

April 18-University of Pennsylvania at Princeton.

April 22-Staten Island A. C. at Princeton.

April 25-Lafayette at Easton.

April 29-Englewood Field Club at Princeton.

The Easter trip will be shorter than those of recent years, and will include only the games between that with the New Yorks on April 4, and the second game with the same club on April 8. April 1 and 6 are the only two dates for next month which are still unfilled.