Crew Notes.

The excellent weather yesterday enabled the 'varsity crew to row on the river again. The ice was blocked in under the Boylston and Western Avenue bridges, so that the crew was compelled to keep to the short course before the boat house; this necessitated a great deal of turning. But the day and the water were both favorable, and the men secured some valuable practice. The new barge was taken out, but was only used for a few minutes as Captain Perkins was afraid that the ice would cut it; during the most of the time last year's barge was used. Kelton, '93, was not out yesterday, having gone home for the day. The men rowed as follows: Stroke, Perkins, '91; 7, Winthrop, '91; 6, Vail, '93; 5, Rantoul, '92; 4, Powers, '92; 3, Shaw, '94; 2, Lynam, M. S., bow, Jones. '92; and later, Watriss, '92.

C. F. Adams, 2nd, streered the barge and coached the crew. About fifteen minutes before the crew stopped rowing he gave Charlie Hart his place, and he himself watched the crew row from the float.