Harvard-Yale Race.

The New London Telegram of Wednesday, March 4th, has the following report of the action of the Board of Trade of New London concerning the boat race between Yale and Harvard:

"The committee of the Board of Trade appointed to represent the board in the conferences between the representatives of the college crews and the city, in regard to the college crews and the city, in regard to the future of the college races on the Thames, met yesterday afternoon to consider the propositions of the crews submitted after the meeting of the representatives in this city on Sunday. The committee was favorably impressed with the fairness of the demands, which have reference chiefly to what the railroads should do in return for the amount of traffic the college events furnish them. The Board of Trade committee is, of course, in no position to make contracts involving an expenditure of money-in fact, all it can do under the circumstances is to invite a future meeting of representatives from the railroads, and see how far the desires of the crews are acceptable to them."