University Calendar.


Appleton Chapel, 7.30 p. m. Rev. D. N. Beach of Cambridge.

(The front pews will be reserved for members of the University until 7.30.)

Week-day morning prayers at 8.45 a. m. No seats are assigned, either for officers or classes.

Rev. Francis G. Peabody, will conduct prayers from March 9 to 14.

Mr. Peabody may be found at Wadsworth House 1 every week day from 11 to 12 a. m.

9. MONDAY.President and Fellows of Harvard College. Meeting at No. 50 State St., Boston, 11 a. m.

St. Paul's Society. Address by Rev. Phillips Brooks, D. D. Grays 17, 7 p. m.

Members of the University are invited.

Seminary in American History. Disciplinary powers of Congress. Mr. Gettemy. University 20, 7.30 p. m.

Philosophical Conference. Meeting at 103 Irving St., 7.45 p. m.

10. TUESDAY.Fourteenth College Conference on the Study of the Bible. The Prophet Isaiah. Professor Lyon, Sever 11, 7.30 p. m.

The College Conferences are for members of the University only.

Geological Conference. Papers by Mr. R. E. Dodge, "Types of Mountain Structure;" Mr. R. S. Tarr, "The Geology of Texas." Professor Davis will exhibit a working model of the faulted Triassic monocline of the Connecticut Valley. Geological Laboratory, 7.45 p. m.

11. WEDNESDAY.Divinity School Chapel. Debate. 4.15 p. m.

Physical Science. (Course for Freshmen.) Prime Motors and their Sources of Energy. Professor Hall. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, 8 p. m.

Open to the public.

12. THURSDAY.English 6. Oral Debate. University 2, 3 p. m.

Question: "Resolved, That the Senate bill subsidizing American shipping ought to have passed."

Principal disputants-affirmative, L. K. Morse and L. H. Roots; negative C. R. Detrick and J. M. Morton, Jr.

Open to all students of the University.

Vesper Service. Appleton Chapel, 5 p. m.

Vesper Services will be held on Thursdays of each week in term-time until further notice. Each service begins promptly at 5 p. m. The public are invited to these services.

13. FRIDAY.Divinity School Chapel. Preaching Service. 7.30 p. m.

Illustrated Lecture on English History. Early English Buildings: Salisbury, Berkeley Castle, Tintern, Raglan Castle, Worcester, Ludlow, Ely and York. Professor Cooke. Lecture room of Boylston Hall, 7.45 p. m.

Open to members of the University and their families.

ILLUSTRATED LECTURES ON ENGLISH HISTORY.The remainder of Professor Cooke's illustrated lectures on places memorable in English history will be given on Fridays at 7.45 p. m.

Friday, March 13.- Early English Buildings: Salisbury, Berkeley Castle, Tintern, Raglan Castle, Worcester, Ludlow, Ely, and York.

Friday, March 20.- Tudor Architecture: Windsor, Gloucester. Warwick, Kenilworth, and Haddon Hall.

Friday, March 27.- Oxford and Cambridge.

On account of the very limited capacity of the room these lectures are open only to those connected with the University and their families.

FRANCE AND GERMANY.On Monday, March 16, Professor Coho will deliver a lecture, in Sever 11 at 7.30 p. m., on France and Germany since the Fall of Bismarck. The public are invited.