A New Dormitory.

J. H. H. McNamee intends to erect a new dormitory on the corner of Main and Bow streets. The building is to be four stories high and will have three suites on each floor. It will cost about $22,000, exclusive of the land, and it is to be of brick, with a frontage of 74 feet on Main Street and 87 on Bow. The entrance will be on Main Street.

Of the twelve suites, nine are single and three double, and two singles and two doubles are already let. Each suite has a bath-room and open fireplace, although the main heating of the building will be by hot water. The interior of the building will be finished in oak. The price of the suites will probably average $450, and two of the corner ones which receive light on three sides will rent for $550. These prices include the hot water heating and electric lighting in the halls.

President Eliot mentioned in his report that there was need of a new dormitory. Mr. McNamee's building will not make the erection of a new one by the college unnecessary, but the latter will probably not be built until certain funds which have been nominally bestowed are really available for use. The plans for this new college dormitory are therefore in an undeveloped state; but the great need of a new building makes it almost certain that one will be erected as soon as possible.