The Weld Boat House has now been open nearly a month, and is in first rate running order. An assistant has been engaged to help the men out with the boats, while the janitor has a general supervision, and devotes most of his time to keeping the boats in good repair. The club has now 32 boats of one sort and another against 11 at the same time last year, while the number of members has not increased in any such proportion. Thus there is greater opportunity for every man to get a boat without delay. To insure everyone's equal chance the length of time which a man can keep a boat has been limited during the busy part of the afternoon. The strict enforcement of the rule, however, has been left to the discretion of the janitor, so that when there is no great rush a man may have a longer pull. In the morning there is no such rule, and members may stay out as long as they please. The comforts of members have been increased this year in many minor points, the boat house being kept in better condition, while the club has bought some scales, and there is ice water to be had at all times. A good many men have taken the opportunity offered to keep private boats, and for these there is ample accommodation.

The governing board at the last meeting appointed a committee to take charge of the scratch races, which the club holds from time to time, and wishes to announce right here that the prizes offered will be forthcoming immediately. There will be absolutely no delay of a year or more in getting them, as is known to have happened more than once in other otherwise excellent organizations.

There is still a limited number of lockers left which it is hoped will soon be engaged. Men may join the club at Thurston's.