Scratch Races.

The drawing for crews for the scratch races tomorrow resulted as follows:

1st crew, R. Stone, C. Morgan, R. W. Nutter, A. A. Beebe. 2d crew, A. B. Holliday, C. R. Stetson, C. Nichols, R. C. Robbins. 3d crew, J. W. Lund, R. C. Larrabee, C. R. Sturgis, W. O. Taylor. 4th crew, J. S. Ford, J. M. Hurley, W. J. Moore, A. Sutro. 5th crew, G. DeC. Curtis, F. C. Bosler, A. M. Crane, W. B. McDonald. 6th crew, D. C. Percival, J. R. Carey, J. F. Bass, W. H. P. Oliver. 7th crew, A. H. Williams, E. M. Hurley, C. N. Barney, J. M. Morton.

There are in all 30 entries; the last two men drawn, A. F. Crosby and J. R. Oliver, cannot be assigned to any crew; but if they will be at the boat house tomorrow ready to row, they will undoubtedly find vacancies in some crew. All the four-oars will be reserved from 2 to 4.30 this afternoon for the use of crews. Coxswains for the race will be provided by the club.