Today's Game.

Today's game will be called at 3.30 instead of at 4 as usual. Williams had a strong team last year and will doubtless put up a good game today. Her batting order is as follows: Arthur, l. f.; Hollister, c. f.; Cluett, c.; Richmond, r. f.; Hotchkiss, 1b.; Howard, 2b,; Luce, s. s.; Roberts, 3b; Spaulding, p. The last game played here was last Friday, and the next will not be until next week. This fact should ensure a large attendance.

The May schedule is in the hands of the Athletic Committee and will be published in the CRIMSON in the course of a few days. Next Saturday the nine will play at Amherst. For the coming week the following games have been arranged, subject to the approval of the Athletic Committee: Monday, with Stagg's nine, at Cambridge; Wednesday, with Brown, at Cambridge; Saturday, with Williams, at Williamstown. The game with Brown should be one of the most interesting this year. Each college has now beaten the other once, and Brown, day before yesterday, beat Worcester by a much larger score than we won by in our first Worcester game.