The New Painting in Memorial.

The latest acquisition to the collection of paintings in Memorial Hall is from the brush of Mr. William D. Tiffany, of the class of '45. The subject of this picture is the idea of our University, and the treatment is allegorical. Mr. Tiffany has availed himself of the legend of St. Christopher who, it will be remembered, succeeded, after many trials, in bearing the Christ-child upon his shoulders across a dard and stormy river, there-by receiving divine power and grace. In the picture St. Cristopher represents our forefathers who were the fostering guardians of the University, while the Christ-child is Learning and Intelligence. The great human strength of the man's figure is in strong contrast with the divine fervor that illumines his face; and together they make a fine setting for the simple purity and divine innocence of the child. The picture now hangs in the Directors' room of the Hall, where it is impossible to get the distance the painting requires; but it will shortly be given some other place.