Tennis Tournament.

The following matches will be called today:

At 11.15 a. m. sharp, L. C. Page vs. Rhoades; K. Brown vs. Barron. At 2.15 p. m., Davis vs. Magee; winner of L. C. Page vs. Rhoades vs. Earl; Kellogg vs. Coues; Lockett vs. Burroughs. At 3.15 p. m., Cummin vs. Torrey; winner of Davis vs. Magee vs. Broughton; winner of Kellogg-Coues vs. winner of Lockett-Burroughs. At 4.15 winner of Cummin vs. Torrey vs. Orcutt: winner of K. Brown vs. Barron vs. Tallant.

Doubles-Class I, Tallant and Wildes, Hurd and Orcutt; class II, Pillsbury and Bailey, Rhoades and Duane, Lockett and Hunt; class III, L. C. Page and G. A. Page, Cummin and Spaulding, Davis and partner.

Class I gives class II 15 owe 15; class III, 30. Class II gives class III 15.

DRAWINGS.1. Page Bros. vs. Tallant and Wildes. 2. Pillsbury and Bailey vs. Davis and Partner. 3. Rhoades and Duane vs. Cummin and Spaulding. 4. Hurd and Orcutt vs. Lockett and Hunt.

Forfeits will be allowed fifteen minutes after the time matches are called. Scores are to be left with the man in charge of the courts.

W. D. ORCUTT, Sec.