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The games of Columbia College will take place at the Berkeley Oval, May thirteenth.

Political Economy 1 will meet in Lower Massachusetts at 9 o'clock on Monday.

J. Allen '92, who hurt his hand not long ago, has been obliged to go to the Cambridge Hospital.

Woodcock and Thurston, the Brown battery, have been successful in 14 out of 15 games played.

The usual six plays have been finished in English 2 and an extra play, "Twelfth Night," has been commenced.

The second and third books of Goethe's Wilhelm Meister are to be read outside the class in German 4 before the finals.

President Eliot will speak this evening at the dinner of the Massachusetts Reform Club at Young's Hotel, given in honor of ex-Postmaster Corse.

The B. A. A. will hold open games this afternoon at 4 p. m., on the Irvington Oval. Several members of the Mott Haven team have entered.

President and Mrs. Dwight, of Yale, are holding a series of informal receptions to which all members of the University are invited.

The athletic meeting for Exeter and Andover has been set for June 6.

All the regular events will be contested eficept the pole vault, 220 yards hurdle and throwing the hammer.

E. W. Allen, a Berkely schoolboy, accomplished a remarkable feat Friday in the games of his school given at the Berkeley Oval. He ran 200 yards in even time-20 seconds-being paccd part of the way by Wendell Baker. He was aided by the wind, but showed that he is a coming man at sprint running. He will probably enter Yale next fall.- Ex.