Elective Pamphlet.

The announcement of the courses of instruction for next year are now ready and may be had at the office. Two more groups of electives have been added and in order to work this in it has been found necessary to make many changes in the old arrangement. The afternoon recitations will begin at half past one and close at half past four, no change being made in the morning hours. An examination of the pamphlet shows an entirely new grouping of the electives, and in several cases the old courses have been numbered differently. Some of the more important changes in the electives may be briefly mentioned. Professor Hill will again take charge of English A, 5, 7, and 8. English 18 will not be given next year. By special permission of the French Department courses 1a and 2 may be taken in the same year by the one student, 1a counting a half course. The same arrangement may be made in courses 2 and 6. An opportunity will thus be given to those who intend to make a speciality of French, to cover much more ground than has hitherto been possible. French 13 has been erased from the list of electives. The substitution of a course in Roman History for History 14 has been fully explained in the CRIMSON. Among the other new courses is one in Classical Philology. This is intended to give a general introduction to the subject by lectures by different instructors in the department. It is counted as a half course and is recommended to be taken in the freshman or sophomore year.

Professor Schilling will have charge of German 6. The object of this course is to prepare the student to read difficult German at sight. It is especially suited for those who have taken 1b.

Latin 11 will consist mostly of lectures on the History of Latin Literature by Professor Smith and directions for the students' private reading.

Hereafter Dr. Richards will conduct a class in Chemical Philosophy, which will meet once a week and count a half course. This is required of all candidates for final honors in Chemistry. The courses which were omitted for the year '90-'91, will, of course, be given again next year.