Northfield Conference.

At a meeting of the Y. M. C. A. last evening Mr. D. C. Torrey '90 spoke informally about the World's Student Conference which as usual will be held at Northfield, Mass., this year. The Conference opens Saturday, June 27th, and closes Wednesday, July 8th. A committee of three is to be appointed to confer with any Harvard men who may wish to go. The speakers for this year are very interesting and instructive men; Rev. John Smith, of Edinburgh, Scotland, D. L. Moody, Professor Moore of Union Theological Seminary, Ohio, and Professor Thompson of Pennsylvania. The men who have been to one of these conferences are enthusiastic about them. The speakers give entertaining lectures, the grounds at Northfield are beautiful, and rooms fine. The board is good and there is plenty of walking, tennis, baseball, swimming, and so forth. The afternoons are given up to recreation. The Fourth of July celebration is a grand one, and even the students from England have to assist. There were five hundred students there last year, if not more, and they came from all over the world. There are usually a number of Japanese, and this year two from India are expected. Christian life and activity will be discussed and a man can hardly imagine a more beneficial twelve days than this meeting with bright and well-travelled men, and the exceedingly good time in the open air. Any man who has any thought that he might like to go would probably find out just what was best for him to do by talking with the committee, which will be appointed very soon. Yale had a larger delegation than Harvard last year, and attempts are to be made to have Harvard send this year the largest number of men of all the colleges represented.