Harvard Union Reception.

The afternoon tea and reception to be given by the officers of the Harvard Union to the Yale delegation promises to be a most creditable occasion not only to the management of the Union but to the whole University. Mr. James M. Perkins, President of the Union, will be assisted in receiving the guests by Mr. John L. Dodge, Professor and Mrs. Albert Bushnell Hart, Professor George H. Palmer and neice, Miss Bertha Palmer. Mr. John L. Dodge, of the Law School, is a former president; Professor Hart, was its first president. Mrs. Hart, a graduate of Wellesley, and Miss Bertha Palmer, president of the class of '91 of Wellesley, will represent that college, Mrs. Agassiz and Miss Longfellow, will be present, representing the Annex, President and Mrs. Eliot, Governor and Mrs. Russell, Dr. and Mrs. Lyman Abbott, Dr. Leighton Parks and many Harvard professors with their wives will be present. Fifty Wellesley students from the four literary societies, also the officers and members of the Idler Club of the Annex, will add to the pleasure of the reception. The tea will be served by Miss Shaler, Miss White, Miss Smith, and Miss Hopkinson. The second floor of the north entry of Matthews has been offered to the Union for receiving the guests.