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It is a subject for general congratulation that the Overseers have been so conservative in their treatment of the D. K. E. matter. The report of the action taken at yesterday's meeting shows that they have not been influenced by the extremely unfortunate and misleading statements of the newspapers, but have taken the course which seems wisest to those who are in a position to know most about the true state of affairs. By appealing to the members of the D. K. E. itself we feel sure that the Overseers have hit upon the surest way to abolish the evils which undoubtedly have existed and may still exist in the society. A writer in the current issue of the Monthly has clearly stated the futility of any attempt to legislate away the evils of which complaint is made. The only sure way to control them is through student opinion. This force has already accomplished considerable in the D. K. E. The better men in the society have steadily worked for its improvement. Years ago they succeeded in making the branding at the initiation optional, and before Mr. Garrison's letter appeared that part of the initiation had been abolished altogether. The newspapers with their usual disregard for facts which spoil the sensational element in their news have failed to discover these facts and many others, and consequently have gone wide of the truth in much that they have said in this matter. The Overseers have seen fit practically to leave the work of reform in the hands which have begun it, and we believe they have adopted the wisest course possible.