Freshen Nine.

The meeting of he candidates for the freshman nine we largely attended last evening. About sixty men were present Captain Frothingham acted as chairman of the meeting. He briefly stated what was required of he freshmen and urged all candidates to begin work at once. Practice will been in the gymnasium cage at 3 o'clock that afternoon. The following 56 men handed in their names with the positions for which they meant to try:

J. S. Conley Pitcher and outfield; J. A. Brewster, pitier and lb; W. D. Preston, 2b; E. W. Ryson, outfield; F. W. Gaimell, lb; A. F. Cornish, c and 1b; P. W. Whittemore 3b; C. S. French, outfield; S. K. Fenollsa, 3b; A. T. Stevenson, Jr., p or 1b; B. Worman, infield; J. C. D. Hitch, c; E. Carroll, s s and outfield; H. H. Richardson, 1b and field; C. H. Mills, p ad s s; D. D. Miller, lf; J. L. Fiske, 2b R. D. Wrenn, 2b and field; Spencer lidy, c and 1b; C. Dreyfus, 2b; H. E. Witting, s s and 2b; R. Floyd l f; A. Jackon, field; E. Winslow, 2b and field; A. S. Pier, s s and p; G. L. Smith, c f; E. Adams Jr., 2b and r f; G. Edmunds, s s and 1b; N. Bent, c f; S. M. Bigelow, outfield; E. S. Dodge, 2b; E. R. Knapp outfield; F. B. Winslow, 3b; G. B. Poce, 3b; C. W. Boyden, c; H. A. Bell, c and; f; A. J. Boyden, outfield; W. W. Caswell, 1b; D. R. Wilder, s s; G. E Brown, outfield; F. Q. Peters, p and outfield; H. C. Dingman, bases; T. Spalding, infield; D. W. Fenton, outfield; W. T. Smith, p; J. S. Wadsworth, 2b and lf; J. T. Sickney, 1b; Webb, p; S. A. Lawton, r f: F. Davis, Jr., c and 3b; A. W. Bancroft, 2b; J. K. Whittemore, 1b; W. H. Reed, p; S. Weill, s s; F. M. Stein, c and outfield: T. F. Allen, Jr., 2b.