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It is unfortunate that there should be cause each year for reference to a dishonest element in college, however small that element may be. We dislike to take up again the same old complaints and harp in the same old lines. But year after year the great privileges which we enjoy at the library have been abused and reserved books have been deliberately and wantonly stolen. We understand that already reserved books have been stolen this year and from editions which are few and valuable. We enjoy a decided privilege in this system of reserved books which enables us to read the best works in literature and history and philosophy. That it should be abused so disgracefully casts an unpleasant shadow on student honor. It was sufficient of an abuse when some men hid books in the shelves that others might not have them when they wanted them, but that they should deliberately steal them seems almost incredible. It is practically useless to appeal to the honor of such men, for it is manifest that their sense of honor is so small; but the confusion and extra expense to which they put the library and the extreme inconvenience they put to men who use the books ought to influence them. It is difficult, perhaps, to discover such a man, but once discovered he should receive severe punishment.