Tennis Tournament.

The annual fall tennis tournament which begins this morning is the largest which has ever been held by the association. There are seventy-one entries in the singles, seven more than the number in the tournament last year, which, up to that time, was the largest the association had ever held. In the doubles, also, the number is larger than ever before, there being seventeen entries.

Men will report at the Cary building at the hour scheduled for their matches in the Crimson; defaults will be allowed fifteen minutes after the hour. Balls can be obtained at the Cary building of Dennis Enwright, to whom they must be returned immediately after the close of the match. Matches will be two sets out of three, deuce only on the third set. The final and championship matches will be three sets out of five, all deuce sets.

All the courts will be reserved for the tournament but members of the University may use any that are not required.

The full list of drawings is posted in the gymnasium. To-day's matches will be played at the following hours: At 10 a. m. - W. Lyman '95 vs. T. E. Powe; F. J. Taussig vs. F. S. Hoppin Jr. '96; E. C. Bradlee '94 vs. A. J. Boyden '95. At 11 a. m. - H. M. Berry '93 vs. W. P. Coues. At 12 m. - P. L. Atherton '93 vs. A. S. G. Taylor '94; J. L. Thompson '95 vs. H. A. L. Sand '95; E. V. Frothingham '96 vs. R. B. Merriman '96; L. N. Bigelow '95 vs. A. D. Cahn '94; R. D. Sterling vs. F. H. Nash '95. At 1.30 p. m. - S. Battelle '94 vs. M. L. Sand '94; J. B. Read '95 vs. H. E. Robinson '96; J. Torrey vs. A. Codman '96; A. N. Winslow '96 vs. M. L. Johnston '95; W. A. Gosline '96 vs. J. Leonard '96; G. E. Stoker '93 vs. A. Brown '96; F. H. Cummings '95 vs. L. F. Smith '96; A. P. Carter '94 vs. H. R. Simonds '95; J. H. Chase '95 vs. D. P. Wilder. At 2.30 p. m. - F. L. Huiderkoper '96 vs. E. S. Dodge '95; E. B. Lambert '95 vs. F. L. Hatch L. S.; D. W. Fenton '95 vs. C. A. Shaw '95; F. H. Rathbun '96 vs. P. P. Sharples '95; C. A. Gould '93 vs. R. C. Thomas; A. S. Pier '95 vs. N. W. Howard L. S.; G. Beals '94 vs. A. Ingraham '96. At 3.30 p. m. - A. von W. Leslie '94 vs. R. Walcott '95; F. B. Whittemore '96 vs. W. H. Davis '93; W. A. Lecompte vs. P. W. Booth '96; J. B. Chamberlain '96 vs. D. P. Rhodes; H. A. Curtis '96 vs. G. P. Wrenn Jr. '96; R. E. Phillips '93 vs. J. Hewins '96; W. O. Harrison '93 vs. winner of Atherton - Taylor; R. W. Coues '95 vs. J. A. Garland Jr.; R. J. Forsyths '94 vs. G. C. Gibson; Winner of Cummings - Smith vs. winner of Taussig - Hoppin; winner of Simonds - Carter vs. winner of Chase - Wilder. At 4 p. m. - H. A. Davis vs. C. E. Noyes; W. L. Vankleeck '95 vs. J. M. Sturgis, L. S.