Foot-Ball at Yale.

Although it is somewhat early to predict how strong a team Yale will put into the field, there is no doubt but that it will be far above the average. It is improbable however, that it will equal last year's team, with its clean score, for it will be a very difficult task to find men good enough to fill the places left vacant by the departure of such old players, as Heffelfinger, Morrison, McClung, and Barbour.

The candidates for the eleven began training last summer at Newport, and resumed their work at New Haven, Sept. 20, practising twice a day. As usual the season began with disheartening reports as to various men who would be prevented from playing this year, but with the exception of Bothne, who died during the summer, the men have been returning. All of last years' team, Hinkey, the end rush, Winter and Wallace, tackles, Sanford, the centre, and McCormick and Bliss backs, have returned.

Sanford has been changed to guard, as he has increased considerably in weight and muscle, while Stillman is being tried at centre. Among the other candidates for guard are Hickox, '96; Beard, '95; Jenkins, '94; and Rawson, '94. Cochran, '94 is the most promising candidate for Hartwell's position at end. Graves who has played full-back on the Trinity eleven, has entered the law school, and has commenced training. In case he proves sufficiently good McCormick may play quarter as he is doing at present. For the other vacancy back of the line, there are several first-class candidates, including C. D. Bliss, Dyer, Richards, Norton, Durant, and Van Ingan.

Yale's first game will be to-day with Wesleyan.