Shooting Club.

The Harvard Shooting Club held an enthusiastic meeting on Monday evening and elected in a number of new members. The officers for the ensuing year will be as follows: President, C. B. Pike, '93; vice-president, G. B. Magoun, '94; secretary, J. Sargent, Jr., '95; executive officer and treasurer, S. A, Lawton, '95; directors, H. F. Kent, '93, L. Heckscher, '94, S. Eddy, '95.

The initiation fee has been raised from $3 to $5 and all men of shooting aspirations are urged to join by applying to S. A. Lawton, 896 Main street where shingles can be had. The membership should be increased so that there will be a large field of men from which to pick the team which will meet Yale on the morning of the Springfield football game. The club house will be repaired and new traps procured. All facilities are to be provided to encourage shooting and bring out the best talent. An announcement of a match shoot to be held the latter part of this week will be made later.