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WE wish to make a mild protest against the custom, so well illustrated in Fine Arts, last Saturday, of leaving a lecture without good excuse before the end of the hour. In the recitation in Fine Arts Saturday, nearly fifteen men went out one after the other, making much unnecessary noise, and disturbing not only the class but the instructor especially. Of course it is conceivable that there are times when it is necessary to leave a lecture before it closes, and such a case is exceptional and excusable. Now that we speak of this point, we might also refer to the practice of some instructors of marking any man absent who leaves a lecture without explanation before its close, no matter how late he may do so, or how necessary it may be. But in many courses, especially in those large and popular ones this custom is more or less marked and it is growing pernicious. Last Saturday's performance was doubtless unnecessary on the part of so many and it was hardly a compliment, albeit it was borne in silence, to the instructor.