Hare and Hounds.

Yesterday's hare and hound run was the longest for several years, in fact, much too long. All subsequent hares will have to bear this in mind, as new men are much discouraged over yesterday's run. The H. A. A. officers desire it to be stated that there will be no more this year so long.

Aside from the length and hard pace, however, the run was interesting. At nine minutes of four the hares, A. Blake '93 and J. O. Nichols L. S., started from the gymnasium in the direction of Allston. Five minutes later the hounds started with J. O. Manley '93 as master. The trail led through Allston, up over Corey Hill, beyond to Brookline, round Chestnut Hill reservoir, then on to Jamaica Plain Pond. From there the trail led to Brookline, down Huntington Avenue, through Back Bay Park. where the pace was increased and kept undiminished until the hounds reached the Cambridge end of Harvard Bridge, where the break was. But about half of the original starters lined up for the run in. Manley '93 and Fenton '95 raced all the way and Fenton won by a small margin. Coolidge '95 finished a good third. He was followed by Osborne '95, Burleigh. L. S. Endicott '94, and Schereschewsky '95. The hares were beaten by five minutes, which is an exceedingly good record for the hounds. The total distance was nearly fourteen miles. The next run will be slower and will be held next Thursday. Fenton and Manley will be the hares.