Cross Country Run.

The fact of the outdoor runs given by the Athletic Association for the fall of 1892 will be held this afternoon. It will be a cross-country run. scratch, open to all members of the university.

The exact distance of the course will be five and a quarter miles. The start will be made at 3.45 o'clock sharp from in front of the gymnasium. From there the course will be across the Common to Concord Avenue to Walden Street; from there across the fields in a northerly direction to the junction of the Fitchburg Railroad with the Watertown branch where the runners will be checked; up the Fitchburg to the Glaeialis where the runners will be checked a second time; from there in a south westerly direction to Fresh Pond, around Fresh Pond drive to Cushing Street, down Cushing Street to Mount Auburn Station for a third check; from Mount Auburn Station to the finish in front of the Law School. Prizes will be given the first three men in and the time of the first ten men at the finish will be taken. The course will be marked by a trail of paper.