Fact and Rumor.

There will be an extra lecture in Botany 2 today.

H. A. Cutler '94 has resigned from the Advocate.

R. D. Small '94 has been elected a business editor of the Advocate.

There will be an examination in German A before the vacation.

The New York alumni of Wesleyan held their annual dinner Friday evening.

The amount taken by the football association at Princeton is $400 less than last year's.

President Low, of Columbia College, was initiated into the Phi Beta Kappa, on Friday, Dec. 2.

Translations of Dante's "Divine Comedy" and "New Life" by Prof. Norton are soon to be published.

The championship of the New England Foot-Ball Association, has been formally awarded to Amherst.

Mr. Armour of Chicago has given a million and a half dollars to found the "Armour Institute" for manual training in Chicago.+++

The American School at Athens with soon resume excavation at the Heraeum of Argus and Sparta.

Morris. F. Tyler of New Haven has been appointed Professor of Jurisprudence at the Yale Law School.

George W. Woodruff, Yale '89, has an article in the Philadelphian for December, on "Our Game of Foot-Ball."

The Yale eleven will receive as trophies a small gold football and a souvenir picture of each member of the team.

Professor Royce will be unable to lecture in Philosophy I on Wednesday; the first lecture in Psychology will be given Friday.

Barnes, president of the CRIMSON in '88 is now owner and editor of the Albany Evening Journal and the Albany Morning Express.

At Brattle Hall this evening a private dress-rehearsal of "Le Bourgeois Gentil-homme" will be given under the direction of the Conference Francaise.

The University of Pennsylvania will begin within a few weeks the publication of a quarterly official bulletin to give notice of changes in corpses of study, etc. It will be in charge of J. H. Merrick '89.