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It is interesting to look over the early history of the Cooperative Society and to note the rapid progress which has been made in the last two or three years. For a while after the foundation of the society the business transacted each year varied but slightly and the success of the scheme was by no means assured. Within the past two years, however, the management has been vastly improved and there can be no doubt now but that the society is in every way on a thoroughly sound basis. The increase of business in '91 over '90 was only $4,212.50. In '92 the increase assumed the encouraging proportion of $24,681 while the list of members had been swelled by 312 additional names. Comparing the statistics of the business done thus far over that of last year for the same time, it will be seen that there is an increase of $6414,41. This prosperous state of affairs is due entirely to the strict theoretical principles which Professor Taussig has insisted upon as the basis of the management of the society, and to the efficient application of those principles by Mr. Lyford, the superintendent. To both are due the sincere thanks of the college for their faithful and satisfactory work.