Yale Speakers in the Coming Debate.

The competitive debate to choose Yale's third speaker for the Harvard-Yale debate on March 25 was held Friday evening. The question discussed was the same that will be debated with Harvard: "Resolved, that immigration to the United States should be restricted." The judges were Professors Wheeler, Cook and Adams, and every effort was made to get the best speaker in the college for a representative. There were 20 speakers. 18 of whom took the negative side of the question, as Yale will in the debate. The first prize, the privilege of speaking in the Harvard-Yale debate, was awarded to J. I. Chamberlin '94; the second prize of $12 to G. P. Steele '92; the third of $9 was equally divided between H. M. Kidd '92 and H. R. Rathbone '92.

The other two speakers in the debate will be T. Mullaley '92 and W. A. McQuaid '92, L. S.