The Yale Nine.

The Yale nine are busy at work in the cage. The number of candidates has now been thinned out to twenty-four, six of whom are old men. Bowers and Case are the most promising of the candidates for pitcher's box. The former played on last years team but was not a brilliant success. Case is probably a better man and is doing excellent work in the cage. He did not have much of a chance last year as he was played in the outfield most of the time. Davis a freshman is a fairly good man and so is Ridgeway, who was coached by Stagg last year. Great things were expected of him this season but he has been ill and is still weak.

Behind the bat Jackson '92, who was substitute last year is probably the best man. Carter the tall freshman is an excellent man too. His throwing is very accurate and these two men will undoubtedly divide the catching.

McClung will, it is likely, play first base again although at the beginning of the season some new men may be tried. For second base there are two excellent candidates - Rustin the captain of last year's Andover nine and Norton who played the position for Dartmouth last season. Captain Murphy will of course be at his old position of short stop. Kedzie, a substitute on last year's nine is looked upon as the best man on third base. This management will put Beall and Walcott in the outfield. There are several new men trying for the field besides these two. The team seems to be weakest in batting. Murphy, McClung and Beall are the only heavy batters among the men and the outlook for a good batting team seems rather poor.